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Harmful effects of smoking on health

Tobacco is dangerous to your health no matter how you consume it. Smoking tobacco affects every single part of your body, and you might not feel anything now, but it is certain to affect your body and cause severe damages at the later stages in your life.  You need to stop smoking before it’s too late as you can get addicted to smoking, and it is very hard to quit smoking once your body is used to tobacco.

The following are some of the parts of your body which gets affected by smoking tobacco.

Central nervous system:

When the nicotine content in tobacco reaches your brain, it will give you an energized feeling, and it will make you feel good. But this feeling goes away after some time, and you will end up craving for more. Nicotine being a mood-altering drug makes you feel excited for a minute but later makes you feel tired and low. Once your brain gets used to nicotine, you will have a bad craving and end up smoking a lot more than you actually did. If you try to stop smoking all of a sudden, you will get irritated and anxious. The withdrawal symptoms and painful and you will have to undergo mental torture.

Respiratory system:

Your lungs are at high risk when you smoke, and it causes lung cancer. The air sacs in your lungs get affected, and this will cause difficulty in breathing. Tobacco damages the cells in the lungs and these, in turn, become cancer cells. Smoking can also cause asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease etc. Even when you try to quit smoking, you will have problems in breathing as your lungs, and the air passages will start to heal.

Popcorn lung is another condition that comes up with smoking(well actually vaping). If you want to read more about popcorn lung and the myths(or facts) are it with vaping and ejuice, I’d suggest reading this article about what’s in ejuice.

Cardiovascular systems:

The nicotine in the tobacco makes your blood vessels to tighten and thus the flow of blood to other parts of the body is restricted. The narrowing of blood vessels can increase the blood pressure and the walls of your blood vessels weaken. You are also prone to have blood clots, and all these lead to strokes. Smoking can cause heart attacks and other heart-related diseases.

Integumentary system:

Integumentary system includes your skin, hair and nails. Smoking can actually affect the structure of your skin, and it is also one of the reasons for skin cancer. You are prone to get fungal infections in your nails, and you can also have server hair loss due to high exposure to nicotine.

Digestive system:

Your digestive system gets affected severely. People who smoke have a high chance of getting mouth cancer, esophagus cancer, and even pancreatic cancer. It also affects the amount of insulin secretion in your body, and thus you are likely to develop diabetes.

Reproductive system:

Smoking lowers the levels of sex hormones in both men and women, and you will have a decreased sexual desire.

Facts about smoking

We all know about the deadliness about smoking. It is one of the leading causes of death in this world. The nicotine content tobacco makes people addicted to smoking, and it causes harm to the people who consume tobacco. It is also one habit which people consider to be cool and many people believe that smoking is one of the best stress buster. Smoking is a nasty addictive habit, and it is sure to kill you if you continue the habit. The following are some of the facts about smoking:

  • More than a trillion cigarettes are sold in the world today. It is also one of the most traded items, and these industries are worth billions of dollars.
  • The number of smokers in the United States is increasing day by day and statistics have shown that there are more than 4000 teens who try their first cigarettes in a day and about 1000 teens have made it a habit of consuming them on a daily basis.
  • More than 69 chemicals that are used to make cigarettes cause cancer in your body.
  • The U.S. and few parts of Europe have made it completely illegal for minors to smoke but many teens consume tobacco on a daily basis.

Second-hand smoking:

  • Inhaling the secondhand smoke is just as harmful as smoking. Non-smokers who are exposed to secondhand smoke tend to have many respiratory diseases and even have the chance of developing lung cancer. Passive smokers are most likely to have a premature death, and they also have a higher risk of heart diseases.
  • In the U.S alone there are over 50,000 deaths each year due to the exposure of secondary smoke.
  • The smoke that burns off at the end of the cigar is more harmful than the smoke that is inhaled by the smoker. Very little amounts of tobacco can trigger heart diseases.
  • As the health risks of people are increased when they are exposed to second-hand smoke, many smoke-free regulations have been introduced in public places like restaurants, bus stops, cafes etc.

Smoking addiction:

  • 70% of the people who smokers want to quit smoking but struggle to fight the addiction.
  • The withdrawal symptoms can be quite painful, and people have to suffer a lot before entirely quitting.
  • Most of the tobacco quitters tell themselves that they will quit on a Monday.
  • Nicotine is an addictive drug, and it provides momentary pleasure but later makes your tired and low.

Fun facts:

  • Studies have shown that smoking marijuana is way less harmful than consumption of tobacco and alcohol.
  • China has the highest population of smokers in the world.
  • Hindenburg was inflated with flammable hydrogen gas, and yet it was designed in such a way that it had a smoking room.
  • Nicotine is derived from a Frenchman whose name is Jean Nicot. He is the one who introduced tobacco to France back in those days.

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